Dr. Graves called the first loop of the second epoch “Cognitive Existence” (systemic).

Once humans pass from GREEN to WIZARD, or from “…being one with others…” to a more systemic level of knowledge so that “…all can be and can continue to be…” it is possible to see enormous differences between humans and other animals. Here we step over a line separating the needs humans share with other animals and requirements which are distinctly human.

Humankind, on the cusp of the second Gravesian epoch, “…where so many political and cultural dissenters stand today, is at the threshold of being human (Graves, 1970).” We are, now, for the first time, truly maturing as human beings. Humans are no longer, “… just another of nature’s species (Graves, 1970).” We are, in our ethical and general behavior, approaching this threshold, “…the line between animalism and humanism (Graves, 1970).”

Loop WIZARDs are back to level I basics with pure survival as the primary driving force. This time, however, it is not individual existence so much as survival of the biosphere, the macroecology supporting life on planet Earth that drives them. Loop WIZARDs see the biosphere as being in danger due to the misuse of resources, and the potential of belligerents unleashing doomsday technology as a means of political expression. Like the roaming philosopher of bygone days, Loop WIZARDs often see problems from a “big picture” perspective, and tend to speak in those terms. Also, WIZARD selflessly pursues knowledge as a means of better communication with humans sojourning in other levels. Driven by Level I survival instincts, Loop WIZARDs understand the need of communicating with others on their terms in order to propagate a systemic worldview bringing more energy to the survival impulse. To shake loose dogmatic attachments, Loop WIZARDs are willing to take positions contrary to popular sentiment. On the not so positive side, Loop WIZARDs may get frustrated if others are not willing or able to see their point of view.

Contrasting with tolerance levels found in the Epoch I, Loop WIZARDs interact in ways which are not burdened with defensive pride. Instead, WIZARDs see everybody as “interesting.” The WIZARD moves up and down levels, and assimilates where/as appropriate. Loop WIZARDs relate well with peers, if for no other reason than to combat loneliness. Unfortunately, WIZARDs can alienate others by getting frustrated with those who “just don’t get it.” When individualistic WIZARDs are able to bring critical mass into the systemic view, humankind enters the next Epoch II loop, the FEDERATION. FEDERATION is the final level for which data was comprehensible to Dr. Graves and his contemporaries.


Gravesian Epoch I reached its peak in the closing decades of the 20th century. As we progress into the second decade of the 21st, the first two loops of Epoch II have begun to take shape… they are briefly described below in the WIZARD and FEDERATION loops:



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