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PackMule Productions… an aural transgressions enterprise currently maintained by RonnieHays, the alterego of an ungracefully aging musical refugee who’s given name is Ron Rohlf (a.k.a. Rohlfie). With a brew of influences from Folk, Western, Motown, FM Album Rock, Hair Metal, and late-night bizarro radio raconteurism, he concocts his own brand of sonic experience. When forced to respond, he calls it “Prairie Yawp” but knows that doesn’t quite capture the spirit. What you’ll find here is more akin singer-songwriter, classic rock, and spoken word fare.

Don’t let him know we told you… he hates marketing cubby-holes.

RonnieHays says the mule’s latest release, Blue Highway is merely a hint of what is to come. You see he’s backed up, creatively… lots more on the way.

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Meatspace home?

RonnieHays maintains physical form in the formerly “Wild Wild” Western US. Usually in the area of Hays, Kansas (hence… the name). From there, he and his guitars have been seen disturbing the peace from Abilene to Zagreb. 

Artistic Influences?

RonnieHays, a lone musical refugee, considers himself a psychosocial song and dance man. His formative years started with 1960s folk influences and ended with the humiliation of spandex, dog collars, and pink can Aqua Net (Hair Metal 1980s). Mostly dormant since the mid-00s, RonnieHays has a lot of catching up to do. He’s been known to appear out of nowhere screaming about being “backed up” (creatively).


What about… “the now?”

A Sputnik baby, RonnieHays turned 60 the spring of 2019. 60… but nowhere near rocking-chair material. In this chapter, he hopes to tap into the vein of unconscious, terrible/sublime truth identified by likes of Harry Smith and similar researchers. To that end, and drawing from a lifetime of personal experience, he applies a “beginner’s mind” to the creative and technical challenges of composition and production. With these seemingly mutually exclusive forces feeding each other, RonnieHays looks forward to the resulting alchemy.

Come along for the ride and witness the rebirth of a creative soul… older… unfettered… #sorrynotsorry. 

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