Dr. Graves called the sixth loop “Sociocentric Existence” (personalistic).

At the sociocentric LOE, humans become concerned with the relation of self to others. GREEN is concerned with, “…belonging, with being accepted, with not being rejected, with knowing the inner side of self and other selves so human harmony can come to be (Graves, 1970).” When this is achieved, there is more concern with community bonds than self. GREEN is concerned with, “…self in relation to life and the whole, the total universe (Graves, 1970).”

As sociocentric GREEN moves from this kumbaya worldview to the first individualistic level of Epoch II (WIZARD: cognitive existence), a chasm of unbelievable depth is being crossed. The bridge from Epoch I, Level VI to Epoch II, Level I is a bridge between getting and giving, taking and contributing, destroying and constructing. It is the bridge between scarcity, deficiency, or deficit motivation to abundance motivation. Dr. Graves called it, “…the bridge between similarity to animals and dissimilarity to animals (Graves, 1970).”

GREEN focuses on involvement and gaining consensus/agreement. GREEN seeks peace with inner self and contact with the inner selves of others. GREEN core values include fairness and equality with the desire to free the human spirit from exploitation. GREEN sparked the women’s movement and the civil rights movement in the last century. GREEN wishes to eliminate poverty, racism, chauvinism and other forms of divisiveness.

When imagining how GREEN would interact with individuals sojourning in other levels, one need only watch news reports. GREEN engages TRIBE as beautiful communities that should be valued; MONARCH as primitives that need to be saved or re-educated into other ways of behaving; MONOLITH as authoritarian, biased, and unfair; MATERIALIST as greedy exploiters; fellow GREEN loopers as enlightened, caring individuals; WIZARD as insensitive, overly intellectual;  and FEDERATION loopers might be seen as OK but lacking in emotional sensitivity.


Gravesian Epoch I reached its peak in the closing decades of the 20th century. As we progress into the second decade of the 21st, the first two loops of Epoch II have begun to take shape… they are briefly described below in the WIZARD and FEDERATION loops:



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