As a compliment to the Graves existential framework, we propose a loop-neutral method for ethical analysis. The tool would be designed to check those in positions of authority… from the highest national or corporate office; to street-level constables in the smallest rural corners of the globe; to individual householders and everyone in between. We hope to develop a simple measure for bridging knowledge gaps between citizens regardless of their primary LOE. When there is injustice we hope this tool is useful for creating shared understanding among all interested parties. Ultimately, we hope this tool can prove useful for speaking truth on behalf of the powerless… from the lowliest toddling infant to our community’s seniors… wise and feeble-minded alike.

Abuses directed at SURVIVOR or TRIBE by MONARCH, MONOLITH, MATERIALIST, or GREEN can inspire violent push-back from large swaths of diverse citizens. In the current moment where noise drowns out signals, many seek the kind of clarity all or most can get behind. That is what we hope to achieve with MagnaKARMA, the composition of a loop-neutral measure designed to chart the karmic trajectory of any autonomous agent… such as human beings, corporations, or sentient AI … top and bottom 1% the same as everyone in between. The rendered charts can add meaningful substance to debates asserting the principle that no autonomous agent, not heads of state, billionaires, local oligarchs, acquisitive petty street predators, not corporations, not even domestic householders; no one is above reproach… all are equal in the light of MagnaKARMA!


Definition of Terms:

  • MagnaKARMA:
    • Magna = Great
    • KARMA = destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.
  • Karmic Trajectory: direction and velocity of the an autonomous agent’s karmic progression as charted by plotting MagnaKARMA Scores over time.

Till such time as MagnaKARMA gains the kind of interest worthy of professional philosopher involvement, the midwife of this website will have to do. He’ll use this tool to the best of his ability as a means of determining relative gravity of stories he’s inclined to tell through the mediums of music and aural theater of the mind… 😉

Example Karmic Trajectory Trend Chart:

Please let us know if you question, concerns, resources to contribute, or suggestions for development. This project is in the beginning resource/information gathering stages… we welcome constructive input.