Dr. Graves characterized the first loop, “Automatic (reactive) Existence.”

On this level, human beings seek only immediate satisfaction of basic physical needs. Humans are, in essence, pure reactive organisms living through the medium of primary instinct. These genuine SURVIVORS have critical need-based concepts of time/space and no idea of cause and/or effect. Awareness excludes self and is limited to the presence of physiological tension when present, and relief when needs are met. SURVIVORS live the purely inherent existence.

Individuals in early epochs of the human experience navigated a purely necessary process of animal existence. However, as soon early humans accrued muscle memory routines and the regular satisfaction of urgent needs, as soon as their nomadic wanderings arrived upon an agreeable place suiting their particular acquired tastes and behavior, they slid almost imperceptibly out of this stage into the second existential state, the “TRIBE.” Tribal existence is the first “communal” worldview as described by Dr. Graves.

In modern times, the SURVIVOR level is an inwardly pointing worldview, dependent on outside support for its maintenance. The SURVIVOR loop is seen today only in babies, very young children, those suffering from extreme substance dependency, and/or severe degenerative conditions (such as Alzheimer’s). Interactions between SURVIVORS and individuals from other loops are usually agreeable as long as the SURVIVOR’s needs are met.

Gravesian Epoch I reached its peak in the closing decades of the 20th century. As we approach the second decade of the 21st century, the first two loops of Epoch II have begun to take shape… they are briefly described below in the WIZARDS and FEDERATION links: