The fifth loop of Epoch I is the “Materialistic Existence.”

According to Dr. Graves, MATERIALISTS strive to conquer the world by learning its secrets rather than through raw, naked force as seen with the MONARCHS. MATERIALISTS tarry long enough to “…develop and utilize objectivistic, positivistic scientific methods to provide the material ends for satisfactory human existence in the here and now (Graves, 1970).” However, once assured of this material satisfaction, MATERIALISTS find a new spiritual void of which to confront. MATERIALISTS often achieve mastery of the objective physical world but find themselves lacking in the subjectivistic, humanistic society.

Very often MATERIALISTS live individualistic lives with strong personal drive and a high-energy “moving forward” modus operandi. Aspirational and success-driven, MATERIALISTS usually respond well to the trappings of wealth and fame. Much of the creative sciences emerge as a means to control human destiny at this level. Core values for MATERIALISTS include success, creativity, and achievement. MATERIALISTS often value popularity and enjoy winning.

Since the age of globalization, MATERIALISTS can be found nearly anywhere on Earth. It’s not hard to imagine how they would view loopers operating on the various levels. MATERIALISTS may see the TRIBE as the resource to be exploited. MONARCHS as dangerous threats to political stability. The MONOLITH as overly bureaucratic and “stuck” in time. Other MATERIALISTS might be seen as either role models or competitors. The GREEN as irrelevant and therefore ignored. Loop WIZARDS and FEDERATION loopers with their “systemic” and “holistic” concerns create roadblocks making things overly complicated for the rapacious MATERIALIST movers & shakers.

MATERIALISTS often achieve satisfaction of a good life through relative mastery of the physical universe but not without a price. Sometimes the cost is antipathy from other human beings in response to the hard use of knowledge for selfish gains. MATERIALISTS may become envied and even respected, but often not liked. MATERIALISTS achieve personal status, and material wealth at the expense of being rejected, sometimes by their own children. The solution of material problems, coupled with this perception, begins an emergence of the sixth level of existence; the sociocentric presence of the GREEN.

Gravesian Epoch I reached its peak in the closing decades of the 20th century. As we approach the second decade of the 21st century, the first two loops of Epoch II have begun to take shape… they are briefly described below in the WIZARDS and FEDERATION links: